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Swappin’ Meetin’ Contest Winners

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Swappin’ Meetin’ Contests Results

Various contests were held during the 50th Kingdom Come Swappin’ Meetin’ recently held at Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College at Cumberland.

Winners include:

Quilt Contest:

Best of Show – Patty Davis; Novelty – First place, Terry Ryan; Second place, Kathy Cook; and Third place, Terry Ryan. Baby – Kathy Cook; Pieced – First place, Patty Davis; Second place, Kathy Cook; and Third place, Catherine Ryan. Wall Hanging – First place, Pat Scopa; Second place, Carrie Billitt; and Third place, Pat Scopa. Beginner – First place, Marsha Monroe; Second place & Third place, Ora Lewis.

Baked Good Contest 

Cakes – First place, Whitney Barger “Nanner-nut Cake”; Second place, Leah Coots, “Triple Chocolate Ho Ho Cake; and Third place, Charlotte Lockaby, “Blackberry Wine Cake”. Pies – First place, Kim Roark, “Pumpkin pie”; Second place, Judy Caulder, “Pecan pie”; and Third place, Lamborghini Holcomb, “Butterfinger pie”. Best of Show – Kim Roark, “Butterfinger Pie’. Breads – First place, Dianne Corriston, “Yeast Rolls’. Pastries – First place, Lamborghini Holcomb, “Blueberry Buckle”.

Pickles, Jams & Jellies 

Best in Show – Lyna Jo Cornett, Squash relish; Jellies – First place, Kathy Cook, Zucchini Apricot; Second place, Billie Noe, grape; and Third place, Lyna Jo Cornett, Red Pepper Jelly. Salsa – First place, Donna Dixon; Second place, Faith Clark; and Third place, Candy Boggs. Peppers – First place, Donna Sexton; Second place, Sue Keith, Hot Banana Peppers; and Third place, Woody Hartlove. Relish – First place, Lyna Jo Cornett, Squash relish; Second place, Billie Noe, Green tomato; and Third place, Dianne Corriston, Chow-Chow. Pickles – First place, Lyna Jo Cornett, Bread & Butter; Second place, Woody Hartlove, Kosher dills; and Third place, Dianne Corriston, Bread & Butter. Jams – First place, Billie Noe, plum; Second place, Candy Boggs, Strawberry; and Third place, Kathy Cook, Tomato preserves. Apple Butter – First place, Kathy Cook. Miscellaneous – First place, Donna Sexton, Pickled Beets; and Second place, Candy Boggs, peaches.




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