Harlan County Track & Field

All Area 9 teams 2013 announced

High School Boys:


Chase Cates Letcher Co.


Trevor Wayne Letcher Co.


Dalton Stanley Pikeville


Dylan Burton Letcher Co.


Mason Miller Harlan Ind.


Bobby Mckenzie Letcher Co.


Caleb Bailey Harlan Co.


Corey Hornsby Harlan Co.


Steven Engle Harlan Co.


Judson Collins Letcher Co.


Runner of the Year:  Chase Cates, Letcher Co.


Coach of the Year: Faye Collier, Letcher Co.



High School Girls:


Kaitlyn Stittums Harlan Co.


Allison Cornett Harlan Co.


Katie Graham Harlan Co.


Ally Damron Letcher Co.


Samantha Howard Harlan Co.


Breanna Epperson Harlan Co.


Leanna Bryant Letcher Co.


Keisha Balthis Letcher Co.


Grayson Collier Letcher Co.


Dakota Sheperd Perry Co.


Amy Clark Harlan Co.


Runner of the Year: Kaitlyn Stittums, Harlan County


Coach of the Year: Ryan Vitatoe, Harlan County



Middle School Boys:


Adam Swofford Pikeville


Nick Spangler Letcher Co.


Hunter Hammond June Buchanan


Whitman Hopkins Harlan Co.


Nathan Mims Pikeville


Runner of the Year: Adam Swofford, Pikeville


Coach of the Year: Sherry Lane, Pikeville 



Middle School Girls:


Grayson Raliegh Harlan Co.


Megan Witt Harlan Co.


Riele Holbrook June Buchanan


Allyson Sizemore Pikeville


Haley Weddington Pikeville


Vida Miller Perry Co.


Runner of the Year: Grayson Raliegh, Harlan County


Coach of the Year: Ryan Vitatoe, Harlan County




Elementary Boys:


Matt Brown Harlan Co.


Story Miller Harlan Ind.


Zack Mason East Ridge


Carson Murray Harlan Ind.


Ozzy Howard Harlan Ind.


Aaron Smart Pikeville


Kizer Turner June Buchanan


Morgan Kunkel June Buchanan


Parker Hammond June Buchana


Lucas Epperson Harlan Co.


Runner of the Year: Matthew Brown, Harlan Co.


Coach of the Year: Leo Miller, Harlan Ind. 



Elementary Girls:


Bailey Kincer Letcher Co.


Abby Vitatoe Harlan Co.


Ariel Madden Harlan Co.


Brianna Santiago Kane Pikeville


Sophia Hokins Harlan Co.


Jenna Leisure Pikeville


Madison Williams Pikeville


Emily Long Harlan Co.


Runner of the Year: Bailey Kincer, Letcher Co.


Co-Coach of the Year: Ryan Vitatoe, Harlan Co.


Diana Collier, Letcher Co.


Information courtesy of Harlan County Sports.com