Welcome to the wcpmradio.com website.  While this website is really a blog site, at this time it will remain strictly a website for us to bring to you information from WCPM.  Along with our pages regarding Cumberland City Broadcasting, Inc./WCPM-AM 1280, upcoming contests, and area news, we will also include press releases from various organizations such as the Kentucky State Police (KSP), the Governor’s office, Harlan and Letcher County Transportation Departments, Harlan County Board of Education and more.  If it was sent to WCPM as something our listeners need to know, we will also try to bring it to you through these pages.  Eventually, we hope to make changes that will enable you to bring your own comments and views to these pages, however, right now if you wish to comment or contact the radio station regarding this website or due to something with WCPM, please feel free to contact us by the information you will find on our “Contact Us” page.  We appreciate all those that take the time to check us out, and especially appreciate all those that listen and support WCPM-AM 1280.